Wrongful Death and Motorcycle Accidents

Most of us already know how severe auto crashes can be. We’ve seen the end results when accidents happened to others or to ourselves. But the risk of severe injuries to motorcycle riders is many times larger. The appearance of motorcycle drivers makes it easy to see why they are so much more vulnerable to fatalities. There are no airbags or seatbelts to help protect the driver during a crash. According to wrongful death attorney Kevin Attkisson, left turn accidents often end with serious injuries or fatalities and most could be prevented if drivers were more observant of motorcycles.

Motorcycles are smaller than passenger vehicles, making them less visible to other drivers. To compound the problem, many drivers have the attitude that motorcycles are annoying and shouldn’t be given the same consideration that larger passenger vehicles have. Whether failing to give the right-of-way to a motorcycle is from a lack of seeing them or failing to acknowledge their needs, the at-fault driver in a motorcycle accident has a much higher likelihood of being approached by a wrongful death attorney than when they are involved in a passenger vehicle accident.

What Happens after a Serious Motorcycle Accident?

In many cases, the motorcycle driver is killed at the scene of the accident. In other cases, they are transported to the hospital where they undergo short- or long- term treatment for their injuries. The extent of medical care required often results in medical bills of thousands of dollars. It isn’t unusual for the motorcycle driver’s family to be left with a mountain of medical bills, burial expenses, and a loss of income. The best thing they can do is contact a wrongful death attorney right away to learn whether they have grounds for filing a claim. Otherwise, they will have to face a financial crisis at the same time they are grieving the loss of their loved one.

Like all types of wrongful death cases, it is up to the family members left behind to file a claim. They will have a time period of two years from the time of their loved one’s death to file but it is always advisable to seek advice from an experienced wrongful death attorney right away. The laws affecting wrongful death in Ohio are especially complex and it is virtually impossible for the family members to determine whether the accident was the other party’s fault according to the state’s laws. The attorney will advise them on their options for pursuing a claim and negotiate a settlement on their behalf to get the best possible compensation for their needs.

Getting Beyond a Wrongful Death

It is always devastating to lose someone close to you but a death that results from a motorcycle accident can add significantly to the family’s financial and emotional burden. The guidance of a wrongful death attorney can help families get the compensation they need to recover from this tragedy and begin to move forward with the rest of their lives.