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What’s The Role Of A Modern Corporate Investigator?

Heard about companies and firms undertaking corporate investigations these days, and now you are wondering what is it all about and is it essential for your business? Well, for this you will have to understand what a corporate investigation entails and what role an investigator plays in it. For this, we will go through a step-by-step analysis of the anatomy of the corporate investigation.

1) Reasons to go for an investigation

Corporate investigation or internal investigation is the type that is initiated by the management to understand the situation and get details about scenarios like accounting frauds, violation of regional corruption policies and rules, violations of the environmental laws, insider trading, violations regarding government contracting regulations, employee theft etc. An employer is more than likely to get to the depth of the matter and seek a solution to the problem at hand.

2) Whether to initiate an internal investigation or not

It is a huge leap that management might not be comfortable with taking but in the long run, it will be beneficial to everyone in association with the organization.

Certain determining factors are:

  • Misconduct by senior employees/management
  • Seriousness of allegations
  • Allegations regarding potential safety and health risk made
  • Financial misstatements, etc.

The reasons can be many.

3) Selecting a committee/person to supervise and lead the investigation

Here, one needs to rope in an unbiased person who would look after the proceedings in a subjective and professional way. This is where the modern corporate investigator steps in, puts forward the ground rules, lays out a path to follow in order to carry on with the investigation and thereby provide fair and unbiased judgment to the board.

4) Selecting the right people to be on the team

You’d want to hire professionals to help you with the same. Aequitask provides you with the best team one can ask for when they are opting for a corporate investigation. As mentioned earlier, it is a huge step to take and one would require the help of experienced professionals to go through the process so that it doesn’t disrupt the normal functioning of the organization.

A corporate investigator plays a very important role in the entire working of the investigation. Select one that meets your requirements and understands the nature of your work and problem at hand.