What are the basic components of defensive driving?

components of defensive driving

Defensive driving, in simple words, means safe driving. A safe driving includes the idea of the safety of the driver as well as the people around him or her. Following are the basic components of defensive driving.

Three-second rule

As mentioned earlier, defensive driving is all about driving safely on the roads. By the term safe, we mean that the driver should think about his safety along with the safety of other people or things around them on the road. In this context, there is a rule called the three-second rule. According to this rule, a vehicle needs to pass the stationary object nearby it, within three seconds of the vehicle that is passing in the front. So, for defensive driving, this is the first rule that you need to follow.

Know the speed limit

There is always a speed breaker on the road. This is placed just to remind us that there is no need to make your vehicle fly like a plane. Nothing is more important than a person’s life. We see that most of the road accidents happen due to the vehicle’s high speed. In order to do a defensive driving, you should always keep your vehicle below the speed limit.

Don’t indulge in fights

This is again one of the most prominent reasons for the frequent accidents that we see on the roads. You are going on the road silently and suddenly you will see that there are two people engaged in some kind of fight. The reason behind it may be anything. It is advisory, not to indulge in such things on the road. If you find that the person who is driving beside you is trying to create a fight, let him or she go on and then you follow him from the back.

Avoid distractions

This is one such point that a kid too is aware of. We all know that we should avoid any type of distraction while driving, but we never follow that. You can see people using their phone at the time of driving, which is insane. Be it any use, you should avoid it. Talking about the NY defensive driving, it is a very strict rule to be followed.

Defensive driving is the need of time. It is high time that all of us take the responsibilities of the number of accidents that are happening on the roads.