Should You Use Shopify to Launch and Grow Your Business?

An online platform catering for all kinds of e-commerce, Shopify lets you set up an online store through which you can sell anything you want to – goods and services. Using the platform, you can organize your services or products, customize the appearance of the store and set up a preferred payment method. What’s more, this integrated e-commerce solution lets you track and respond to customers’ orders. It also offers web hosting services thanks to its optimized structure

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well then, let’s evaluate the great and the less than satisfactory features of the Shopify. What you learn here will determine if your dedicated seriously injured personal injury lawyer website should run on Shopify or not.

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  • Sleek and professional templates for themes


The platform gives you access to at least 100 professionally created themes which you tweak to meet your needs. These free themes will help you create an online store that’s different from what your competitors offer.

What if you don’t want the preset themes? Can you customize your designs? Yes, you can. Shopify’s store has a premium collection of themes, some of which are paid for. These themes meet the needs of different industries. How is this possible? Through invitations, Shopify allows professional designers to come up with unique and professional designs which go through quality-checking for compatibility before customers use them.


  • You have several plans to choose from


Depending on your requirements, you can launch an online store paying $29 monthly. Though one of the most basic plans, it gives you access to all features you need. This plan also lets you handle payments as well as back-end needs of your online store.

You can also customize your domain name by buying it through the platform or a third-party registrar.

With $29, you have a point of sale system, Shopify’s module for online stores, Pinterest and Facebook Modules, as well as a Shopify Buy Button.

The only catch here is that you’re charged subscription fees for every order processed if you don’t use Shopify’s Payments.


  • Big App Store


Shopify gives you access to a flexible and a comprehensive e-commerce builder which extends your store’s functionality.

From the app store, you get access to more than 1200 more apps which could be free or paid. These apps let you plug into your store. The apps feature tools for accounting, inventory management, customer service, reporting, marketing, social media, shipping, and fulfillment among other functions. With all these functions, running your online business becomes easier and cost effective. You’ll like that all the apps are integrated into Shopify, and they talk to each other.


  • It’s easy to use


Its intuitive design makes the platform easy to use. And, this isn’t something we’re saying just to make you feel good about the platform – Shopify has a structure that already works, and you don’t have to put the pieces together one after the other. Also, with hundreds of templates to choose from, you can easily pick the theme that complements your business.

The best part about the templates is that they are responsive and mobile-friendly. The other reason why we recommend it is that the online payment systems are set up as are the product catalogs.


  • It allows for dynamic marketing


How? Other than the responsive mobile and desktop designs, the platform makes your online store search engine-friendly. To optimize it further, you’ll have to add meta descriptions, catchy page title, a meta title, and unique URLs. You also get to make your pages either visible or invisible, and you can redirect pages. Therefore, you have all the flexibility you need to make your site that best you could dream of.

The other feature that enhances your digital marketing strategy is that that platform lets you generate robots.txt and sitemap.txt files automatically.


  • High level of security round the clock


To protect your business, Shopify makes the platform’s security their personal and number one responsibility. It’s secure, and it adheres to PCI rules and regulations. To show that the platform is secure, it uses HTTPS addresses rather than the unsafe HTTP addresses.


  • 24-7 Support


Customer support is at the heart of every business, and it should be executed to show that you care about your customers. With this in mind, Shopify offers 24/7 support via email, online live chats, as well as phone support. They have 5 international numbers you can reach them through.

Features frowned upon in Shopify

  • Unless you use their Shopify Payments, you have to pay a transaction fee for each sale on top of the monthly fee.
  • If you integrate multiple apps, then your monthly bill goes up
  • Even when you understand HTML or CSS coding languages, you still have to learn their coding language Liquid to customize your website.
  • It’s not multilingual


With these features under consideration, Shopify is only fit for you if you want an online store, need customer logins, access to a wide range of payment option, control over themes, or an easy way to integrate third-party apps and features. However, it’s not suitable if your store is a small part of the website or if you want a multilingual store. It may not be suitable for consultancy services.