Trends in the Automotive CRM Software

The modern market offers a variety of software products that allow solving the issue of interaction with the client. But any program is not enough. Effective in practice will be software in which the principles of management and the specifics of business processes for any sphere of automobile industry implemented successfully. Here you can find out why CRM software is necessary for smarter business decisions and quicker results.

Sell more cars using CRM. Increase the efficiency of Trade-in. Automate work with distributors. As automotive CRM software takes into account 100% all the specific business processes of a particular rental of a car, or car showroom, or network.


Bpm’online is one of the leading CRM software companies for almost any sphere of business. Using the latest progress in the sphere of software development, bpm’online delivers one of the best products for automation of business processes with customers.

With the help of this automotive CRM software, you can easily monitor the costs, speed, and quality of your staff working. Visit the official site here.

Basic characteristics:

  • unified interface;
  • sales forecast;
  • lead management;
  • project management;
  • any functionality is available;
  • managing of costs.


The Salesforce is one of the leading CRM solutions in the sphere of the automobile industry. This type of CRM software has a sales cloud, and that means that you can have access to your business from any desktop or mobile device. The SalesforceIQ possesses the email intelligence features, and that will help to sell smarter. Salesforce Quote-to-Cash feature allows monitoring all the financial operations of your automobile business. Read more here.

Basic characteristics:

  • cloud CRM;
  • email intelligence;
  • contracts delivery;
  • automated billing;
  • all-in-one customer support.


The Infusionsoft software is a perfect solution for small businesses. With the help of this small automated software, you can efficiently collect data about your customers, their purchases, and offer them the best possible solutions for your automotive industry. The interactions allow being in touch with your clients in all the steps of their survey within your company. Visit the official site.

Basic characteristics:

  • contact information;
  • website activity history;
  • orders and account balance;
  • lead source;
  • interactions with your brand;
  • data management.

Prosper Works CRM

The ProsperWorks allows you to know the state of affairs of your sales. Make your sales team more productive with the help of this tool. Google-integrated software will let you to always stay in touch with your existing and potential clients. Automate your sales activities to grow your business online. Find out more about this software.

Basic characteristics:

  • email templates;
  • bulk emails;
  • Google-integrated software;
  • Tracking customers’ activity;
  • sales data organizing.


The Insightly is a software solution that allows you to accelerate your sales, to build reliable and secure relationships with your customers, and to deliver projects of higher value. This automated software tool for automotive spheres of businesses implies the best key features of everything the owner of a business needs. Visit the official site here.

Basic characteristics:

  • fast growing of your automotive business;
  • reliable interconnections between your sales team and your customers.
  • delivering of high-grade projects to satisfy the most sophisticated needs of your clients.

Description: In the modern era of everything being automated, it is essential to have the automated business software. Best solutions to make your business run smoothly.