Top 3 Highest Paid Mechanical Engineer Jobs 

Each year, a stream of enthusiastic mechanical engineering students graduates with their bachelor’s degree. They are seen trying everything in their power to grab the best job in the industry that would even pay them well.

Not many are aware of this, but mechanical engineering happens to be one of the most in-demand engineering domains and also has several companies all around the world looking for mechanical engineers.

In addition to that, this discipline is also one of the highest-paid fields. If a mechanical engineer takes up additional training, he/she can expect whopping annual salary. Among the various job roles, here are the highest-paid latest mechanical jobs that you must be aiming at:

  1. Mechanical Design Engineer:

The primary role and responsibility of a mechanical design engineer is to research, test, design and manufacture and develop engines, machines and devices or tools. They play a crucial role in the production procedure.

The other roles of a Mechanical Design Engineer would be as a project or process manager. They may be tasked with managing the firm’s budgets while maintaining materials and keeping the design specifications updated.

  1. Senior Mechanical Engineer:

The job role of a Senior Mechanical Engineer is to work in close tie-ups with the higher management. They collaborate with various departments such as the Business Development, Operations, Manufacturing & Quality Control department and the engineering department. Depending on the firm’s requirements, a Senior Mechanical Engineer could be held responsible for various aspects of project or process management.

Their other key roles and responsibilities include active participation in the hiring procedure of new employees.

A Senior Mechanical Engineer in the job role of a project manager will be responsible for ensuring that all projects are done as per the plan and well within the time allotted. He also operates as project coordinator and consultant to team members so as to achieve better product outcomes.

3. Senior Mechanical Process Engineer:

To get a job role of a Senior Mechanical Process Engineer, one must attain a bachelor’s degree in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering. Some firms ask for an experience of a 10+ years, while other companies accept candidates with lesser experience, but will eventually provide them enough training and chances to hone their engineering skills.

The candidate might have to take up the job role of project manager for medium-sized project, while experienced ones might have to handle large-scale projects.

These are the 3 types of job roles that pay decent money for the Mechanical Engineers. There are various other positions as well, but these job profiles act as the basic career guide that will help you to get a brief idea.