The Pros and Cons of Mobile Fridges

When hiring mobile fridges, there are three choices.

  • Fridge van hire.
  • Refrigerated trailers.
  • Cold rooms.

To achieve the most efficient and cost effective hire option it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of each hire opportunity.

All the options facilitate flexible hire periods and will need additional insurance for the stock within the unit/van.

Highly rated companies like Icecool Trailers who cover Berkshire, the Thames Valley, the Home Counties, South Wales, the Midlands and London supply a range of options.

Here are some of the pros and cons of each of the mobile fridges:

Fridge van hire


  • You have the benefit of self-drive which allows maximum freedom of movement.
  • If you need refrigeration for more than one venue, then this is a perfect way to achieve it.
  • Fridge van hire from a reputable service provider ensures that it is maintained.
  • All fridge vans are hygienic in line with legislation.
  • They look professional and will help to build trust from your customers.


  • You incur fuel costs.
  • You must replace any fuel used.
  • You collect and drop off the vehicle at the hire firm’s depot.
  • The time spent in the collection/drop off and stuck in traffic means that you can’t accomplish other tasks in those times.
  • It’s an unfamiliar vehicle so drivers need to be confident in their abilities.

Refrigerated Trailers


  • The hire firms deliver and collect the professional facilities which saves the client time.
  • Refrigerated trailers can be relocated during the hire period. That’s excellent for hotels with several functions.
  • Mobile fridges can be positioned exactly where they are required on site. For example, in the pub car park, adjacent to a restaurant kitchen or in a marquee.
  • They can be run via mains power or a generator.
  • Refrigerated trailers are set up by the hire firm staff.
  • The trailer’s shelves can be placed in the most efficient manner for the client.
  • They can be situated indoors or outdoors.
  • More cost effective than a fridge van hire, there are no fuel costs.
  • There are different sized units but the majority of them can be worked in.


  • There is no self-drive option with refrigerated trailers so you won’t be able to tow one away.

Walk in cold rooms


  • Walk in cold rooms are intended for interior use.
  • They are available in different sizes and capacities.
  • The hire firm will deliver and collect the cold room.
  • The units are frequently built on site so there’s no worry about doors being too small.
  • The shelves can be arranged to suit the client.
  • Walk in cold rooms are fully maintained and hygienic in line with legislation.
  • They can be worked in without contravening health and safety.


  • The cold room cannot be moved after installation.
  • No self drive option.
  • It may take space that you’d prefer to use for another purpose. If so, consider a refrigerated trailer which is mobile and can be housed externally.

For more advice and to hire mobile fridges contact an expert firm today.