The Procedure of Establishing Part-time Work During The Period of Leave For Childcare

The employee has the right to work part-time in this period of leave for childcare while maintaining the monthly allowance for childcare up to one and a half years.

At the same time, the reduction of working hours can be recognized by a court for the protection of employee rights.


This decision of the court, in turn, causes the refusal of the employer to adopt to offset the payment of insurance coverage costs. (Resolution AS Northwestern District on November 28, 2016 number F07-10823 / 2016 and case number A13-2070 / 2016)

In order to avoid these consequences it must be kept in mind that in the time left from the full-day it should be possible to carry out childcare, so that the working hours in this case cannot be reduced to a negligible period of time (e.g., 5 minutes).

In this regard, the Social Insurance Fund indicates that in the case of the establishment of part-time work by reducing the daily hours of work time can be reduced by not less than 1 hour (paragraph 8 of the Regulations on the procedure and conditions for the use of the labor of women having children and working part-time, approved by the Resolution of the USSR State Committee of the Secretariat of the All-Union Central Trade Union Council on April 29, 1980 № 111 / 8-51).

The Federal Labor and Employment Service plans to introduce a system whereby employment agreements can be registered in electronic format.

The discussion of implementation mechanisms of registration of employment agreement in the electronic form has become the key issue at the meeting of the Social Councils at the Federal Labor and Employment Service. In addition, the largest employers have expressed an interest in this work and are actively participating in the discussion of this initiative.

According to the Federal Labor and Employment Service statistics, about 5 million people work remotely, and about 2 million people work in shifts. In these cases some difficulties emerge during the completion of the employment agreement. Also, the Federal Labor and Employment Service drew attention to the fact that, in practice, it is practically not applicable in concluding an employment agreement between employers and individuals.


Another problem is the broad dissemination of Internet sites offering quasi-registration of remote and seasonal employees. An identical situation is observed with seasonal employees, for which there are questionable online resources that offer intermediary services for employment and registration in other regions.

Commonly, the employee has to settle for the worst working conditions due to the fact that the employer has infringed the initially proposed conditions for which the employee has agreed to before the move.

Similar risks can be reduced by remotely concluding an employment agreement until the moment in which the employee moves to the workplace, and will guarantee the preservation of the proposed conditions and protection of the rights of the employee who moves.

To achieve the objectives it is planned to create a special state information system for the registration of employment agreements in electronic form.

It is assumed that citizens and employers will be able to access to such a system through the Federal Labor and Employment Service website “Working in Russia”, or through a single portal of public services (

It is emphasized that the new service will be simple for users – the signing of an employment agreement in the electronic form will be reduced to affixing the “checkmarks”.

The system will also allow the employer to obtain SNILS, criminal records and tax records from the relevant authorities.

Thus, the introduction of an electronic employment contract system will make it possible to reduce the costs of employees and employers and legalize labor relations.

The use of modern e-government will create legitimate services maintaining its simplicity for users.