Ten everyday job opportunities in Los Angeles to earn money online from home

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The world is changing now. Today, you find more people working from home as compared to sat a decade or so back. It is a paradigm shift in the outlook of the people. Of course, the spread of the internet and the easy availability of internet accessing devices have made a significant contribution to this factor. Let us now explore ten everyday job opportunities in Los Angeles where you can earn money online working from home.  

Do micro jobs and earn money online: It is always food to start in a small way. Once you start receiving the bucks, you can diversify into better and bigger things. Anyway, make a start by doing micro jobs on the internet like clicking on websites and reading reviews. Some sites allow you to do so and earn money online in the bargain.

Write blogs: This is an excellent way to earn money. You can set up your blog and write on any topic that interests you. You will find many people all over the world with similar interests. Once you become comfortable, you can monetize your blogs with Google AdSense program and rake in the moolah. It could take time, but it is worth the wait.

Write freelance gigs: You can do hundreds of freelance jobs online such as writing articles and blogs for other clients, web designing, graphic designing, SEO, etc. It can be a little slow to take off the blocks, but once you attain speed, no one can match you.

Google AdSense: You need a website to earn money through Google AdSense. Place the Adsense ads on your site. When people click on these ads, you get a share of the income. Google pays a good 68% of the amount they receive from advertisers. These ad posting sites can earn you a decent profit.

Vlog your way to the bank: This is the concept of video blogging. Instead of written blogs, you share video blogs on websites such as YouTube, etc.

Network Affiliate marketing: You get the chance to sell your products on behalf of various companies such as Clickbank, etc. Starting with a network affiliate is before graduating to own affiliate marketing.  

Individual Affiliate Marketing: Here you work with one company instead of the random number of companies you did with the network Affiliate marketing. If you can link up with big companies like Amazon, etc., you can earn proper amounts.

Work with URL shortener: Working with companies like Google URL shortener or Bitly can help you make good money. Your job is to shorten the URLs and distribute it online. When visitors click on the links, you get a percentage.  

Become a seller on Amazon or eBay: You can become a seller on such e-commerce websites such as Amazon and eBay. Selling a lot of merchandise on their behalf can earn you good commissions.

Content writing: This job is in high demand on websites such as Upwork, Elance, etc. You can earn a decent income every month through copywriting and ghostwriting on the writing jobs advertised on these websites

These are some of the most popular work from home jobs in Los Angeles.