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Starting An Internet Homebased Business – Busting The Myths

In this article I am going to go over 2 myths about starting an internet home based business. So here we go.


  1. All you have to do is click a button and everything will be done for you.

These people that are selling you these push button solutions rick quick overnight programs need you to believe this so they can sell you this false dream to you. Plus the people that are selling you these programs son’t know how to make money themselves or the product that they are seliing they don’t know how to use it. All they are doing is playing on your emotions. After all you are human and we tend to make emotional choices.

They also know that if you are presented with 2 choices of doing something the hard way or the easy way well we will probably choose the easy way all the time. If we had the choice of doing something slow or fast we’ll probably choose fast.

So they tell you if you spend 2 hours a day in your underwear to make a six figure income within 90 days they know you will probably buy the product or service.

There is no push button solution that will build your online business for you. If it ws that easy everyone would be doing it. So stop looking for that “magic bullet” keep your money in your wallet where it belongs.


  1. Making Money From Home is Easy

It is not easy to make money online as everyone would lead you to believe it takes hard work and dedication to create a successful online business. Yes there are things out there that will make your life easier like and autoresponder or a keyword tool to look up keywords for your website. Also keep in mind that there are mentors out there that will help you build your online business so you can avoid common mistakes. There is no such thing as easy money.

So if you are dedicated, have patience and are willing to learn the steps it takes to build your own online business then making money online might be for you.