Seeking mortgage loan approval? Don’t miss these pointers!

It goes without saying that your house is the most important investment of your life. Getting the financials right is important, and often, that involves considerable calculations and planning. Before 1930s, there was no concept of a specific loan to buy a house. Times have changed, real estate prices have increased, and more people want to own a home – leading to the current situation. If you need help with mortgage loan approval, you need to keep a check on certain aspects detailed below.

Start with your current status

If you have existing loans, check the total you are paying in installments, which gives a fair idea of how much you can afford for the mortgage installment. Lenders are usually interested in knowing the debt to income ratio, based on which they decide on the application.

Don’t settle for the first offer

Yes, you are desperate to get an approval for your mortgage loan, but don’t rush. Just because a lender is accepting your request doesn’t always mean this is the best deal. As a client, you have the right to shop around.

Consider the budget

Decide what you can realistically afford. A 30-year mortgage is usually the ideal bet, but you can choose a term that fits your financial goals. Don’t run for a house that will drain you for the next decade or so, especially if you intend to use the same. Mortgages can have a fixed or lock-in interest rate or a varying one, depending on what you want.

Credit score matters

Make sure that you have a history of good and regular payments. Avoid going for new accounts or loans for the time being and check if the credit report has entries that must be corrected. If you pay off a few existing debts and dues, your score will improve instantly.

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