Peter Loftin and his Achievements

When one finally ends up reading about Peter Loftin, one is virtually left in awe of him – quite simply because of the fact that he is one of those very few achievers who have actually demonstrated unparalleled zeal to put his “name” to good use. As we read on, you will come to understand why exactly we are saying this.

Lofty Ideals Best Demonstrated by his Endeavors

To start off with, let us tell you Peter Loftin is currently the Founder and Chairman of the Board of a huge telecommunications enterprise – Business Telecom Inc. (BTI). The wealth thus accumulated by him has been significantly put to charitable use. For one, he is a huge supporter of arts and has not really held back when it comes to making donations for the promotion of the same. The person’s most significant contribution till date is to the city of Raleigh, North Carolina.

In this regard, he provided financial assistance for the development of the BTI Center for Performing Arts. Today, it stands as the largest venue between Tampa and Washington D.C. What more? He has also provided financial support to the development of the Police Athletic League and North Carolina Museum. He is the owner of one of the leading private club – called Casa Casuarina at South Beach, Miami. Till date, he has donated the venue for more than 30 charitable organizations.

American National Red Cross and More

Peter Loftin has notably been associated with the American National Red Cross. He has served on the National Board of Governors there just after the 9/11 tragedy. He has been contributing regularly to the Special Operations Fund as well. This particular program is geared towards helping the children of the fallen Tier 1 soldiers – by providing for their college funding.

Do you know about the Airborne & Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville, North Carolina? At BTI, Peter Loftin had actually started a program which was designed to help all individuals with disabilities in the rural North Carolina – by providing them free internet service. It should not really be forgotten that Loftin’s propensity to help others had been noticed right in his twenties. Yes, at a time when most of his contemporaries were immersed in fun and frolic he was exploring avenues to help people to the best of his abilities. He, thus, established Coats for Kids whereby he donated winter coats to children in need.

Peter Loftin has been significantly associated with sports as well. Notably, he was responsible for establishing camp BTI for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and he even went on to implement 2-on-2 basketball competition throughout Atlanta.

We are Thankful!

What more can we say? Peter Loftin’s lofty ideals are best manifested in his work. There are numerous other charitable contributions made by him from time to time. You can read up more about this man to secure in-depth information about his socially constructive exploits. As of now, we can’t thank him enough for inspiring us with his body of work!