Palmer Administrative Services Ocean NJ Presenting A Complete Car Warranty Solution

One of the leading names in the auto-protection industry, Palmer Administrative Services Ocean NJ, won an award that recognized the service as the top car warranty provider in NJ. The honor is yet another achievement for a company that has been working for years to assist vehicle owners in dealing with unexpected repair costs. For most people owning a car means having to pay for all repairs and damages to the asset.

Even when the vehicle is under coverage, most plans do not cover all the repairs. This reason requires you to have a good protection plan, and this is where Palmer comes in with its services. No longer people should feel insecure, driving a car, as with Palmer, your investment in the vehicle remains secure at all times. No one should put aside the decision to apply for a car warranty program. In case of any accidents, your warranty programs will come into play and save your investment in the vehicle. While a new car comes with coverage but usually, these policies lapse after some time.

Palmer Administrative Services Ocean NJ car warranty offers many options that you will not find with other car protection firms.

  1. Cover Your Car Rental

If you have a Palmer warranty, you do not have to worry about your commuting. When your car is with the mechanic for repair, the firm also allows you to rent a car. You can use the rented vehicle as long as your plan covers the part that is in repair.  You will not have to pay anything to the car rental services, as Palmer will take care of all rental expenses until the duration of the repair.

  1. Provide Allowances to Make an Emergency stay

It is not an ideal scenario when you find yourself stranded on the road with a car break. What’s worst is some fixing may need time, while you have nowhere to go! Thankfully Palmer Administrative Services has your best interest in mind. If you hold the Palmer plans, they have you covered for a night stay at the hotel, along with a meal. If you are 100 or more miles from your home and are stuck with car repair, the services will pay for your emergency stay at a hotel. The Palmer car guarantee includes $75 support for such a situation.

  1. You can Transfer the Ownership of the Cover

If you are selling the vehicle, you can transfer the existing warranty in the name of the new buyer. Not only this will allow you to ask a better price for your car, but the new buyer will also feel good and safe on buying a protected vehicle. The car with a proper warranty plan keeps its market value intact and get you more buyers.

  1. You can Make Multiple Claim

While you may find a similar service, but they do not have the same benefit that Palmer provides to its clients. Most services will put a limit on the number of claims you can make during the duration of the policy. Even if you hold a plan, these firms will not entertain the application if you reach a certain threshold. Palmer does not have any restrictions on the number of claims you can make in your policy period. Whatever car damages are part of the policy, the car owner can claim the repair expenses when there is a fault in the vehicle.


Overall, as a car owner, you want to keep your car well-maintained and take care of any unexpected damages, whenever you get a problem. The Palmer Administration Services Ocean NJ got its award and recognition as it is the best in the industry in auto protection plans. With the Palmer coverage, you can make sure all vehicle damages get timely service.