How to Catch Attention with Trade Show Displays

Advanced technology has made it possible for the companies to develop their own graphics for trade show displays. At the same time, there are chances to get busy with tools and lose focus of your priorities. For an interesting and impressive graphics display, you should make the messages and images simple and clear while keeping the layouts plain.

Every trade show exhibit should include the following five elements and the blog explicitly describes each of them.

  • Graphics
  • Headline
  • Description
  • Brand Name & Logo
  • Website

Choose Simple & Striking Visuals

Simple, clear yet bold graphics create an interesting visual story. Ornamental and mysterious visuals are confusing. They are great visuals from the perspective of an art critic but distracting for the common people. Using pompous and difficult-to-decipher visuals fails to send your messages to the attendees.

Choose simple and single images. Collage of images often makes the visual story too much complicated to comprehend whereas a single image serves the purpose easily.

Create a Simple Headline

Simplicity is the trend, whether it is about images or messages. You can hire a wordsmith to craft the catch phrase for your trade display headline. Keep it clear, simple and short. The headline should be unique and effective to attract even those attendees who had no plan to visit your booth. If the headline is classy and compelling, they will throw a passing glance at your display and spend time to know more about your brand.

The shorter headline looks larger at the trade shows, thereby reaching to more traffic. Typeface also plays a vital role. Stick to the rules of simplicity and easy readability. Take cues from how the elite brands decorate their stalls and displays. The large displays not always create good impression even though these are easy to notice. Compelling images complete with carefully crafted messages can cast a magical spell on the trade traffic.

Write Descriptions Carefully

You may be tempted to explain everything in details about your company at trade fairs. But that will be a big mistake. Most visitors are not willing to go beyond the first few lines. A long description scares them away. If the image or headline is catchy, they can throw a glance at the first two lines at the best. Therefore, keep the description short and crispy. Believe in the power of ‘Less’.

Make Brand Name Easily Visible

There is no point in hiding your brand name. After all, you will take part in trade shows to promote the displays and your brand. You spend time, money and effort for trade show displays. Therefore, try your best to make sure that your company name is easily and clearly visible. The trade show attendees expect to see your company name in the header part.

Display Your Website & Social Media Identity


Your website address is the most crucial message at the trade show. If the attendees find your displays interesting, they will note down your website address and search it after getting back home.