How CoinBanks Operates in Bitcoin Market

CoinBanks is an online trading platform that offers variety of trading features required to flourish in the Bitcoin industry. It is considered to be the first most creative real time bitcoin trading platform. There could be several reasons why CoinBanks is gaining traders’ attraction.

Novice traders get a chance to get their account managed from the true bitcoin professionals. Another productive feature of the platform is the PAMM accounts, tailored according to the requirements of modern bitcoin traders. CoinBanks is known to deliver real-time account progress with 100% accuracy. Plus a trader is allowed to deposit funds using a variety of payment options. So funds can be easily deposited into CoinBanks account in order to carry on trades as per normal. Deposit options include PayPal, WireTransfer, ACH Payment, Bitcoin, MasterCard and VISA. This is just a glimpse about why traders wish to open a trading account with CoinBanks.

How to Purchase Bitcoins with CoinBanks?

Bitcoins can easily be ordered on the exchange after a customer makes a cash deposit from his bank account to CoinBanks’ account. Bitcoins can be withdrawn to client’s wallet once the order is fulfilled. A customer is free to purchase Bitcoins either from exchanges or straight from other folks through marketplaces. There could be different methods through which a trader can pay for bitcoins. However, the best method to pay for this growing digital currency is the wire transfer.

Personal Information required to open an Account

By the basic AML Law, CoinBanks needs to verify the trader’s account by requesting information about who you are and where do you reside. The platform asks just a few things while opening a basic account to start the trade. Opening trading account with CoinBanks is similar to open a new bank account as it requires supporting documents. All these documents are listed and clarified in compliance option when a trader chooses banking on the platform’s website.

For advanced security, team at CoinBanks may require complete identification such as driver license or passport, proof of residence like a recent utility bill and the proof of the possession of the payment method utilized to deposit funds.

CoinBanks requires information from its clients in order to prevent any potential frauds and to become perfectly compliant with the AML and KYC regulations for the purpose of trading digital assets. So getting information is for the customer’s own protection.

Make Payment to get Coins

CoinBanks operate a pure 3D secure payment concept which is guaranteed for all types of payments and security. They accept MasterCard, VISA, WireTransfer and ACH (for US Clients only). So a trader can opt for any of these methods to make a payment in order to get coins. Depositing money to one’s CoinBanks account is simple process and one can accomplish without any disturbance. Likewise using money of your CoinBanks account to get coins is a straightforward task.

Why do Prices Vary?

Traders might be a little concerned about the prices being varied too much. Well, this mainly depends upon a number of important factors. Normally the main reason is the trouble of getting cash in or out of the exchange. If there happens to be a case where an exchange is facing problems with their bank and unable to permit clients to withdraw cash effortlessly, then this leads to increased cash at the exchange looking to purchase fewer Bitcoins. This increases Bitcoin’s price at the exchange as more and more people wish to purchase bitcoin and then send this digital currency to another exchange where these can be cashed out.

CoinBanks Unique Benefits

This is known to all that bitcoin trading is volatile in particular, making it pretty famous for investors wishing to get instantaneous results. Though some people see bitcoin volatility as a little disadvantage, yet this also makes the cryptocurrency an interesting investment for traders. Nevertheless, majority of professional traders suggest expanding between many kinds of instruments; for the purpose of managing risks levels more accurately.

CoinBanks is an exclusive trading platform that is not confined to bitcoin, but lets you invest in different currencies, indices, commodities and CFDs (contract for difference) through a user friendly online platform. Success trails of popular investors are not hidden from novice traders. So, they can learn from the experts at CoinBanks in the beginning of their trading career. If you are confused to choose the right mode of investment or any specific kind of instrument, their support team is available round the clock to assist in the right way. So learning from veterans in the trading industry is another opportunity offered by CoinBanks.