Focusing On The Highlights Of Peter Loftin’s Life

In the world of business, we often come to know about a lot of personalities who have done great work as a philanthropist as well. However, only few of them can match up to the greatness of Peter Loftin. He is one such personality in the business world who has always been loved for his kind nature. When it comes to creating a balance between business and social work, Loftin knows it quite well. He has achieved a lot in his life, and in the same way, he has also contributed a lot to the betterment of the society. So, knowing about a personality like Loftin is definitely a great way to shape your life.

For those who do not know, Loftin is the founder of one of the largest telecommunication companies in the globe. The name of that telecom company is BTI (Business Telecom Inc.). It was the year 1983 when this telecom company came into existence. Without any doubt, the company has always witnessed a strong growth rate, and Peter Loftin has always been the reason behind the same. It was Loftin’s smart decisions and hard work that paid off finally.

More about the life of Loftin

It is a fact that Loftin was not born with a silver spoon his mouth. In the early phase of his life, Loftin had to struggle a lot. He had to work really hard to achieve success and remain the poverty behind. It was his strong determination that led to the birth of BTI in North Carolina. In the global ranking, BTI once managed to grab the seventh position in the global list of companies. In his company, Loftin has always been loved and admired by his employees.

After all, he is such a generous man, and everyone loves being around him. There are many awards that Loftin has earned at such a young age. For those who do not know, Loftin has been named as the “North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year”. In addition, Peter Loftin has also been awarded as the “Corporate Citizen of the Year”, which is the sheer proof of his generosity. These awards were offered not just for the achievements made in the field of business, but also for being a good and responsible citizen of the United States of America.

In addition to the awards mentioned above, there are many more you can count. However, Peter Loftin has never run behind fame, money, power, or recognition. His one of the main mottos has always been helping people who are less privileged in the society. For those who do not know, Loftin has played a huge role in spreading the wings of internet in the villages, for free! This facility has been made available for schools where disabled kids study.

Apart from them, there are many more aspects of Loftin that one must know about. If you want to feel motivated and positive in your life, without worrying about the worries, all you need to do is know about the life of Loftin.