A Guide On Cyber Crimes And The Ways To Prevent Your Security Systems From Getting Attacked

No matter if it’s about the US government cybersecurity or the security of residential properties and corporate firms, hacked security systems cause abundant problems including the most serious ones that have been listed below.

  • Data leaking that compromises the privacy of thousands
  • Spying on all the movements of your family/staff
  • Burglary and even abductions and murders by stalkers
  • Mental and sexual harassment of employees
  • Property vandalization by disturbing staff members and/or customers
  • Underproductive staff performance in the absence of surveillance

Such problems cause a lot of monetary losses. Which is why you should educate yourself about cybersecurity and steps to prevent an online security breach.

How To Find Out If Hackers Are Stealing Your Data?

Approaching cyber cells for help is only possible once you find out that you are under a cyber attack. And the ways to confirm your doubts are given below.

  • Admin password keeps changing to default despite you change it to something else
  • The webcam in your laptop/desktop keeps turning on/off by itself even when the gadget is not in use
  • Footage recorded and stored in the dvr has missing pieces, and the recovered feed shows sharp spikes intermittently
  • Security cameras start autorotation and change angles from what you set to something new

How To Prevent Such Security Breaches?

If you want your personal/professional assets aren’t exposed to such exploitation, you have to keep your system clean. And the ways to do so are simple and given below.

  • Keep your backdoor gateway strong by using passwords that are unguessable and uncommon. If unaware of the ways to select such passwords, visit blogs that offer tutorials about how to set a strong password.
  • Scan all the monitoring devices before linking them to the camera and DVR. The chances of online security breach magnify if the system is, anyhow, exposed to viruses. Thus, use antivirus software and firewalls.
  • Prohibit the access to your wifi by securing it with a strong password. It deflates the chances of router hacking.

What To Do If Your Security System If Hacked?

If your security system gets hacked, you should be doing the following.

  • Immediately uninstall all the cameras, change the security passwords, and then format all the connected devices.
  • Detach the dvr system and take it to the manufacturers for examination.
  • Lodge a complaint with the cyber cell to locate the source. If the hackers are local hackers, it’s easy to identify and catch them. For the ones that work remotely from different countries, the identification might be difficult, but the ways to ensure that your system isn’t hacked again are abundant.