7 simple steps for improving workplace safety

Ensuring workplace safety for people who work for your company is a must. More often than not, entrepreneurs, business owners, field managers and facility admin end up handling many things at the same time after an incident or mishap. Prevention and better management is the key to avoiding some of the common accidents, mishaps and frequent incidents. In this post, we have listed down 7 simple steps that can help in improving workplace safety.

  1. Crosscheck the safety measures. No two businesses and industries are the same, and therefore, the safety norms and workplace security protocols are not same either. However, businesses belonging to the same industry may have a few norms. Check if you have updated personal protective equipment according to the current standards.
  2. Use Incident Reporting Software. There are a few powerful incident reporting software solutions, which can help in empowering your field teams. Check for options like com¸which allow you to generate incident reports and keep up with the safety norms, so as to avoid hassles later.
  3. Check the workplace in detail. At times, inadequate storage facilities or lack of proper space within the workplace can lead to incidents that can be otherwise avoided. You may want to hire an external team to review the overall space and services available for your staff, so as to take correct steps.
  4. Have your protocols. Many businesses still don’t have workplace safety protocols in writing. Things as important as this must be mentioned in detail and should be handed over to the facility managers and people in charge. Having a set of protocols outlines the dos and don’ts effectively.
  5. Keep a check on employees. While employees obviously don’t want to get injured at work, many of them may have been cause for certain incidents. Keep a check on possible names and change and shift duties of required.
  6. Have an emergency plan. It’s not enough to just talk about the dos and don’ts related to workplace safety. You must be ready to tackle a situation, as required. Make a list of possible situations and how your ground workers and managers should act in each of the scenarios.
  7. Encourage a healthy work culture. As a business owner, you need to connect with your employees to know if they have any concerns related to workplace security. Foster a cooperative environment and work culture, so that you can get inputs.

Make your quick checklist right away.