5 CRM Strategy Tips for New Businesses

Are you a brand new business that’s interested in implementing customer relationship management software? That’s an excellent choice, and in most industries proper use of CRM software can make a competitive difference.

A good CRM strategy means implementation of a good CRM software.Instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, take the time to learn from the trial and errors of other companies. With that thought in mind, here are the top CRM strategy tips you should be aware of before implementation:

Number1: Understand your customer

One of the main objectives of CRM is to collect and store as much information about the customer as possible. The more information is collected, the deeper understanding it gives you on customer preferences.

CRM systems collect data about each customer from transactions, registrations, subscriptions and surveys. This enables you to segment  customers in groups based on various criteria including buying preferences, demographics, etc.

Number 2: Customer interactions

CRM solutions are of critical importance for a large company to provide regular communication with their customers. Professional CRM systems allow to not only automate some customer-related processes, but to ensure personalized approachto every customer.In such a way, customers feel  that the company is giving them personal attention and taking their interests into account, which ensures the increase of customer loyalty

Number 3: Social media

Nowadays social media is one of the best marketing channels that help to effectively attract leads and keep loyal customers updated on the latest company’s news.Overall, the power to bring new products to market and forge relationships with new customers on social media platforms is limitless if done correctly.

A powerful CRM platform like bpm’online can monitor the interactions and mentions on social media platforms. This is extremely importantto figuring out what worksand what doesn’twhen you releasecontent to your social media audiences.

Number 4: Analyze customer behavior

Software like bpm’online can facilitatethe process of understanding the buying patterns of your customers. Manually checking every purchaseand formulating a plan to sell related products will take a lot of human resources. However, CRM systems can take into account the type of products that have been bought in the past and track the website pages where the customer spent a lot of time Based on this information, the software suggests specific products for particular customers that they might want to buy in the future.

Number 5: Limit the number of social media accounts

There are a great amountof different social media accounts, but only a few of them matter. As a new business you must focus your customer relationship building on the platforms that matters most. These include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+and Instagram.

You can use software solutions like bpm’online to manage the relationship building process on as many social media platforms as you’d like. However, by starting off with too many you’ll get overwhelmed pretty fast. Visit the website to learn more about how you can develop a successful strategy.


Taking into account the 5 pointsabove will help you build successful and effective relations with the most important asset of your company – your clients. Surely, if you are new in business you’re going to run into someproblems. However, the right implementation of CRM can lead to improved efficiency and the chance to scale sooner.

CRM strategies

should also be constantly evolving as your business grows. A strategy might need fine-tuning if your business becomes bigger or new trends in the marketplace take place.


Using a CRM strategy you can improve customer relationships even if you are new in business. The automated and scalable toolscan help a new business hit the ground.