Where to Set Up Your Business in Birmingham

Building your business from the ground is a somewhat stressful yet fulfilling journey. Implementing your idea into a profitable venture involves a long hectic process. You have numerous decisions including picking a name, source of funds, and form of business. Once you have a solid plan and start-up capital you need to decide on the location. Many ventures take location as a minor consideration. However, a business site plays a significant role in the success of your business. It determines whether your business will grow or wither and die.

Wondering whether Birmingham is an ideal location for setting up your new venture? Here are some reasons to locate your business in Birmingham:

• Accessibility: Birmingham has excellent transport links including roads, waterways, and an airport. It makes it easy to transport goods and raw materials.
• Access to business support: There are many consultancy services, start-up support, and sources of funding for a start-up business.
• Great talent: The city has great universities ensuring diverse skills.
• Affordability: Birmingham is affordable to live and do business in comparison to major cities in the UK.
• The city is compact; hence the businesses are concentrated in one location. Potential customers can walk from one business premise to another.

When starting up a business, you need to formulate a location strategy which is in line with your short-term and long-term objectives. The most important aspect of the strategy is the facilities you require to conduct your business. There are numerous commercial properties for sale in Birmingham. They include office, retail stores, and more properties. The type of company will determine which property you choose to purchase. Here are some of the commercial buildings in the market.

Office Buildings

Office space whether suburban or urban usually have single or multiple tenants. Office buildings found within the city centres are mostly high-rise properties. The buildings have shared amenities including lobbies, bathrooms, and parking spaces. The single tenant buildings are often small office spaces, executive suites, condos, and co-working spaces. You can find office space for various price ranges which are divided into three classes. Class A properties are prestigious, expensive, new, and locations in highly accessible areas. Class B buildings are nice, but a bit old and the location is less desirable. Class C includes the most affordable properties with fewer amenities.

Industrial Buildings

Most industrial properties host companies with heavy manufacturing functions or assembling. Most industrial parks are outside the city along major transport systems. Flex buildings with both industrial and office space and bulk warehouses are the common industrial buildings. Industrial buildings design accommodates different users and has loading and offloading docks on site.

Retail Spaces

Retail outlets including shops, supermarkets, gyms, pubs, and restaurants usually have desirable locations for visibility. They could be a single tenant or multiple tenants. Their sizes range from small community shopping centres to large regional shopping malls and grocery stores.

Every business aims for a property in the best location possible depending on their budget. With the many property developments in Birmingham, there is something for everyone.