Ways to use fridge magnets as souvenirs

International travel has become a must for people from all walks of life. People are busy zipping past international destinations on account of work, business or pleasure. Usually when people travel abroad, they wish to bring back a souvenir to remember the joyful trip. When selecting the souvenir, they wish to buy something that is durable,  distinctive and daily seen. The obvious choice in most cases are fridge magnets.

Ok, so you have brought one magnet from each international destination. What are you going to do about it? Clutter up the fridge door? Please don’t. Here are some innovative ways to use fridge magnets as souvenirs.

Innovative ways to use fridge magnets as souvenirs

  1. Make a display board

Instead of cluttering up your fridge door with magnets and scratching its outer steel surface, why not make an elegant display piece with your global collectibles? Yes, all you need is a wooden frame, a thin steel sheet for the back and some nails. Cut the steel sheet to the size of the frame and nail it to the frame. Now display the magnets attractively using your ingenious ideas. Hang this display on a wall to showcase your fridge magnets as souvenirs of your international sojourns.

Alternatively, magnetic boards are also available in the market which can be used to tack these magnets and display them.

  1. World map

For this, you need a wooden or metal frame, thin steel sheet, permanent CD markers, a world map and the magnets of course!

Take the metal sheet  and cut it to the frame size. Next, trace the world map on to the sheet using a pencil and outline it with the markers. Now highlight your travel  destinations in a different colour and write their names. with the year of travel. Now, fix the fridge magnet to their respective positions . For instance, fix an eiffel tower magnet for Paris, a bullfight magnet for Madrid, a  Big Ben for London, a Burj Khalifa for Dubai and so on.. The map of your world travel is now ready.

  1. Photo World Map

This idea is even better than the above one. But for this, you have to collect all your best international snaps and get them converted into attractive photo magnets  from your trusted provider. Your professional print provider can easily make appealing photo magnet souvenirs if you upload your photos of good resolution on their site. Make sure you order photo magnets of the same size. The size should be medium and good enough to feature your photo yet not hide the map.

Now the photo world map is almost ready. Yes, trace the world map on the metal sheet and fix the cut sheet to the frame. Now fix the photo magnets at their respective location. Your world travel map is completely ready with your photos as proof of our visits.

  1. Wall display

How can one stick magnets to the wall? Of course, you can. Paint one of your favourite walls with magnetic paint and then stick the magnets on to the wall.  Magnetic primer must be applied several times to get the required magnetism. Do not apply any paint over it as the magnetism may be lost.

The other alternative is magnetic wall paper which is available in plain or printed designs. Choose one of your choice, stick it to the wall and six your magnets. Your magnetic wall display is ready.

Think of such innovative ideas for using fridge magnets as souvenirs but don’t stop collecting them for fridge magnets are the best souvenirs of your travel days.