Universal asset management tokyo


On the basis of an annual monitoring mission letter, the CGP can regularly check the adequacy of the measures taken with the evolution of your family, professional and heritage situation. In addition, he will be able to prepare your income tax return each year. When it comes to universal asset management japan this is important.

The Right Decision

Of course, the greater your “financial footprint”, the more valuable a wealth management advisor will be in terms of saving time and money . That said, to use the services of a CGP can be relevant also with a modest wealth if the potential is there, in particular for the liberal professions and entrepreneurs (and more generally for any individual or household with a good ability to save and debt). For the universal asset management japan review this is important.

How to choose a good wealth management advisor?

There are several types of wealth management advisors. In a bank branch, we meet a lot of CGP, but they are dependent on home products and we can say that the advice is biased. So prefer the IFAs (independent wealth management advisors), they are paid by the hour of advice; or the CGPL (liberal wealth management advisors) working in open architecture with a wide range of different products and partners. Be aware that the French regulations tend towards this Anglo-Saxon model, which is healthier and guarantees more independence.

Do not be fooled by free appointments and check-ups designed to sell you always the same solutions: life insurance with a high fee Pinel also very expensive and rarely profitable (up to 50% extra cost). Not all wealth management advisors are the same, far from it.

Be aware that independent or liberal (fee-paying) CGPs will generally be more objective and neutral in their councils. If you are interested, we know a serious firm (accreditation) that made us feel good by his concern for consulting (comprehensive heritage study following a mission letter) and its investment solutions in open architecture: we can you put in contact. For the universal asset management review this is the best option now.

What to think of banking advisers?

By social mimicry, by habit, or by family tradition, you are certainly a customer of a bank that you follow faithfully. This is probably the bank inherited from your parents or the one joined on the occasion of a mortgage, and it is your client advisor who puts your money.

  • Your advisor is usually the particular customer advisor, in a network bank. The latter manages on average a portfolio of 1,000 customers. To avoid, it is not an adviser but a salesman in charge of selling the products of his bank. 
  • Apply this saying: one is never better served than by oneself. No one other than you is interested in developing your wealth by optimizing fees and performance. Choose the best products yourself, do not limit yourself to products sold by your bank advisor. 

As explained in our 2nd rule here, your bank “advisor” is primarily a seller. He places his products, he does not know the whole market, he cannot be objective and advise you to take a better product elsewhere. In short, it is not advice strictly speaking.