Things to Consider When You Hire Part Time Lawyers

There are many reasons why a lawyer is a valuable addition to your team. When you have an expert in the law on hand to guide you through complex business matters; you will instantly see the benefit to your firm.  In addition a lawyer will be able to advice on employment matters and help you to make the right decision for the benefit of your employees and your firm.

However, lawyers tend to be expensive commodities; keeping one on your payroll to deal with occasional issues may seem an extravagant expense.  Fortunately, there is an option which is only recently becoming popular; hire lawyers like Strianese Huckert.

You can choose to hire one lawyer on a part time basis and keep them in hand to consult as needed.  Alternatively, you could hire part time lawyers as and when you need them; on a casual / temporary basis.  Whichever option you feel is best for you there are several things which you should consider before you commit:


The first thing to consider when looking to hire part time lawyers is what experience they have.  There are many very experienced and highly qualified lawyers who are dealing with workloads which are simply too big.  These lawyers are looking to change jobs in order to avoid burning out.  Their experience and qualifications can be extremely beneficial to your firm whilst they enjoy a slightly easier pace of life.

Why part Time

You must consider why a potential recruit wants to be part time.  It may be that they are facing burnout.  They may have become a parent and want more time with their children.  There are hundreds of reasons why part time is an asset to many people.  Before you hire part time lawyers it is essential to know what this reason is to ensure it coincides with your business interests.  You do not want to be looking to hire part time lawyers every other month!

Large Recruitment Pool

By advertizing for a part time lawyer you will be able to access the entire market.  Even lawyers looking for full time jobs may consider your application as they may either want to reduce their workload or undertake two part time jobs.

By opening up the opportunity to the entire recruitment pool you will get the best possible candidates and can enjoy a top level of legal aid.


You must be aware of the cost of hiring a full time lawyer and of how much you are likely to need the service throughout the year.  These two figures can help you to choose the right level of reward when you hire part time lawyers.  This will help to ensure you get a good lawyer and they get the remuneration they need and deserve.

It is important to note that by hiring a part time lawyer you can attract more qualified personnel without spending as much as one full time lawyer.  The increased competence, experience and expertise should help to justify why you employed them.