Taylor Swift Sunglasses Style

taylor swift sunglasses

Taylor Swift has millions of fans all over the world because of her outstanding country anhd pop music career. Besides that she has a really immaculate taste when it comes to choosing clothes and accessories. It’s really interesting to follow the new pictures of her attending different events – her outfits are always thoroughly thought through and so well suited to the occasion. Let’s see what sunglasses Taylor Swift normally chooses.

As a matter of fact, Taylor Swift’s favourite eyewear brand is Ray Ban sunglasses. She must have an enormous collection of Ray-Ban wayfarers! She has them in black, red and probably some more colours, including this year’s special edition Ray Ban design with a patterned frame. Ray Ban wayfarers are the kind of eyewear design that perfectly matches her bangs, and with their classic mid century modern style they really do go with any look!

When she feels like changing her style a little, Taylor often curls her hair and wears her bangs on the side. This kind of hairstyle asks for more sophisticated eyewear – something oversized, something more feminine. In this case our Tay-Tay opts for Ralph Lauren or Prada.

Taylor Swift Sunglasses

Taylor Swift is not the kind of fashionista who tries on all the latest trends – she has just chosen a few eyewear brands that she really likes and opts for classy designs. However in her music videos Taylor Swift enjoys eyewear experiments. Remember Taylor Swift’s red heart sunglasses from “22″ video – that’s a perfect example. To say nothing of the oversized specs she flaunted in her legendary “You Belong With Me” video. Despite the fact that they were meant to add some geekiness to Taylor Swift’s look, one must admit that the spec looked really great on her!

All in all Taylor Swift is an interesting character. She’s not your average fashionista who changes her look every other day. Perhaps it’s her humble origins in country music but although she is one of the most popular figures in contemporary culture she seems quite grounded. She enjoys her fashion and clothes, but generally keeps things quite simple and classy, and that’s why we love her!