Specialized Fuel/oil Spill Cleanup Products Are Needed in Environments Include Hazardous Material

Oil or fuel spill emergencies can create a management crisis if management does not have a robust response plan. Having an emergency spill response plan is the key to effectively managing and oil/fuel spill and avoiding the hard questions from regulators and the media after an accident has taken place.

An oil spill cleanup plan that includes immediate access to required expertise, materials and equipment is crucial to limiting or mitigating environmental, health and safety consequences. Importantly, this plan should identify the right fuel/oil spill cleanup products and equipment that are readily available to deal with such an emergency. The plan should also include proactive procedures to minimize instances of regular spills and leaks around your plant.


Oil spill cleanup products should be identified, purchased and stored on site in sufficient quantity to effectively respond to a potential spill. Understanding the type and potential volume of a spill is a must. This is especially true if spill might result in a hazardous situation threatening the health and safety of workers or the environment. It thus becomes very important to clearly understand spill response needs, to develop a plan that can help control or minimize those situations.

What are the most important spill cleanup products and equipment? The level of hazmat expertise and investment has increased dramatically since the September 11, 2001 events at the World Trade Center in New York City. Therefore, there are many products to choose from and a lot of good information available on the internet. Alternatively, a representative from your organization could visit an experienced and well equipped Hazmat Operation to learn from their expertise.


But choose carefully, so you get the right product for your emergency situation. If you are employed in a hazardous environment or regularly work with hazardous materials, you know how accidental spills can quickly become even more dangerous if the response uses the wrong product. This is why you need to be prepared and be ready with products to manage these spills before they go from bad to worse.

There are emergency fuel spill cleanup products available on the market that eliminate explosion and fire hazard. One category of these products contains specialty surfactants that quickly emulsify the fuel to make it nonflammable. These products can also be used to eliminate hazardous oil sheen on water and oil slicks on roadways. Spill cleanup products not only minimize combustion and fire risks, but also eliminate toxic vapors. In addition, they work to control the spread of spills making it easier to cleanup and reducing the impact on the environment.