Safety Measures to Take While Restarting a Company

The Movement Control Order has entered the recovery phase, and more companies are resuming their operations. Still, it doesn’t mean that the pandemic is over, and we definitely are putting ourselves at more risks loosening the lockdown.

All this translates to that we should be cautious from now on- workplaces will have to follow strict guidelines for our own good. After all, Malaysians will need to protect themselves first before they can save the economy. Here are some guidelines that will help keep your workplace safe during and after the MCO:

Limited Physical Contact

Take a look at the list of  business allowed in recovery MCO to know if you can restart your business operations. If your company is allowed to run, try to keep contact as low as possible. Ask your employees and customers to maintain social distancing. If you sell products that you can carry, consider home delivery with safety measures like PPEs in check. 

Remote Work

Gatherings in the office should be a no-no if they are not a must. Your employees should be able to continue working remotely from their home if they can do so. Telecommunication to work should be implemented where possible, and virtual meetings and seminars should take over physical meetings. 

Staggered Schedules

Making schedules such that the minimum number of employees are present in the office at a time is necessary. Avoiding non-essential work travel is also a part of the Workplace restrictions in recovery MCO. After public transport is available, make sure that your employees don’t need to travel in peak hours. Cross-scheduling and making employees work in teams, especially with changing team members should be avoided.

Extra Care to Vulnerable Employees

Workers who are at more risk of the coronavirus disease should receive special care. Older employees should get more freedom to decide if they want to come to the office. Workers with illnesses should get day-offs and should be able to find medical attention as soon as possible. Furthermore, everyone should entertain proper hygiene, and soaps and sanitizers should be readily available.