What Must Not be Done When Driving Automatic Cars

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Though automatic cars are said to be easier to drive compared with manual cars, still there are some things you must not do with them such as:

  1. Don’t put the gear stick to P unless you will do a full stop

The P position is only meant for full stop. Once you put your gear stick in this position, it means that you want the vehicle to really stop as that is what it will do. However, if you are just pausing, you should just step on the break. This is to avoid the locking pin to get damaged.

  1. Keep the gear in D during stop lights

This is what the experts say as well to avoid wearing the out the transmission. However, aside from wearing the transmission, this is also to avoid accidents as you might forget that your gear stick is in the N position.

  1. Never change gears while the car is in motion

This is what most automatic drivers do and this can damage the transmission of the vehicle. You have to wait until the car stops before doing this.