Making SSS Salary Loan Application In A Perfect Manner! How?

In this modern world, all we need is some supportive money to run our business or immediate money to save our financial crisis. We cannot run behind our relatives all the time for money, nor our friends to support us.

We have our banks and loan lenders to support our financial requirement at our very instant. A happy information to all! The Social Security System online website now permits at all in force SSS members to put on for an SSS salary loan online.

However, we come out with a query that, how to make SSS salary loan application, correctly! Here, we are going see the answer for this query.

Making SSS Salary Loan Application in a Perfect Manner

The three golden thread procedure to apply SSS salary loan application without errors. Since I want to give an error free guidelines to you, I have just given a trial in applying for an SSS salary loan.

I applied a loan for 32,000 Php, including the processing fee I got a gross of 31,680. The processing fee holds for about 1%. I got an equal monthly installment for 24 months (two years) with a loan interest rates computation of 10%. Let’s get on to the three golden threads to apply properly.

Golden Thread One: Create a new MySSS Account Online

First of all, get into the SSS government Philippines website. The moment you get into their homepage, you can find a button to proceed your registration process. Click the button to further the registering process.

It is a one-time registration. So you will be in need of your SS/CRN number as well as your active e mail address. Fill in all the mandataries such as your name, date of birth, etc.

Golden Thread Two: Put on a Salary Loan Benefit

The moment your account gets activated, you have an active and a proper working SSS online account. Later when you have a complete account in SSS, you can take your next step. Now, your next step is to apply for the online SSS salary loan under the E service criteria.

In this step, you will receive your transaction number. Above all, you must inform the application that you are an employer. After that, you will be redirected to a page for the additional information. It is a very useful page for you to explore the site as well as to register the payments.

Golden Thread Three: Waiting for the Check

The process of waiting here represents that there is no more disapproval or a delay in the process of your application. Normally, the process takes about two or less than two weeks before you receive the check, you will get a fore notice about your check.

All you have to do is to go and get your gross check from SSS. Well yes, that is all you need to do. To sum the process, it an easy smoothie shakes without any pressure in getting the loan. Did you like the information? Share it with other SSS salary loan application to ease their process.