Larson&Holz is a trusted broker you can trust

We all know how technical support works in brokerage firms. As a rule, upon receipt of a request, we need to wait from several hours to several days. However, what if we need an answer right now? As a rule, technical support is discouraged by the reasons for the workload of the communication line or the limited number of employees. However, we were struck by a request for technical support from Larson&Holz. Oddly enough, the answer came after a few minutes. Just think, not a few hours later, or days, and minutes. We wanted to ask some questions about Larson&Holz. And they got answers. Take a look at some of the answers to the questions asked.

 The first question relates to the input of money, and the conclusion. As it turned out, all deposits made with a bank card, digital payment systems and payment structure aggregators are carried out automatically, and they are on the balance after two or three minutes. The same happens in the case of cash withdrawal from the balance, and the upcoming withdrawal on the purse or card marked in the application. Regarding the bank transfer, the money is credited to the balance for three days. A withdrawal of funds by the same bank transfer takes place over 5-7 days. As a rule, it takes 3 banking working days, and not a day. It takes into account the mode of operation of the bank. By and large, the output to other payment systems is likely when the details of the system are registered in the settings of the personal account. However, in accordance with the rules, it is necessary to carry out any actions. This is trading, or time limit. When trading is carried out, you need three trading lots for the withdrawal of money. Such restrictions do not work only on bank transfers. This is considered an exceptional moment. Therefore, the company has established this condition. Such a rule was established as a result of how some users of the Larson&Holz brokerage company began to use the company as an exchange point. That is, money got from one payment structure, and here were transferred to another. And the commission did not embarrass anyone. Since it was less than in exchange offices. After that, the time limits between the input and output of monetary assets became effective. Regarding the maximum amount allowed for withdrawal, it reaches $ 200. This amount can be transferred once a day. It must be remembered that the withdrawal is carried out only after the full verification of the personal cabinet.

Another issue that is relevant for all customers is the minimum available deposit. For example, within the starting trading plan – Start, the minimum deposit reaches only $ 250. This is the minimum possible amount. The smallest amount for this plan is 0.01 lot. This suggests that operating on the account of only 10 dollars, you can already trade. The only question is the adequacy of this approach. Since 10 dollars only work until the first specific drawdown. A drawdown will definitely be. By and large, as described in the company, trading can be carried out with any amount. However, you must agree that the minimum deposit, together with the minimum lot, is simply not a reasonable approach. So, such a trading plan is more suitable for testing a trading system than for serious trading. And traders who are going to fully work and earn money, open Standard or Safe work accounts. For a regular trading account, the minimum deposit amount reaches $1,000, and Safe accounts – $10,000. Here you can do serious work. In addition, a bonus system operates on such trading plans.

The next point about the demo accounts. All traders know what these accounts are for. Well, who does not know, a demo account is opened for a trial period of trading or testing trading strategies. The risk level is zero, because the currency of the demo account is virtual. I mean, when trading on this account, the trader loses nothing and receives nothing. In addition to knowledge, of course.

 Well, the final point, which is considered one of the most important. Transfer of funds from one trading account to another, and the transition from one trading plan to another. To transfer money between accounts, in any case, you need to carry out verification. This is an essential moment. In addition, all open transactions need to close. If the conditions are met, there will be no problems. And regarding the transition to another trading plan, then in addition to the above conditions, you need to contact the technical assistance of the company Larson&Holz. Only on the basis of the approved application, the transition will be possible.