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VISL or Vislink Technologies is a manufacturing giant of producing finished and beautifully designed communication gadgets. The firm is known for developing and selling transmission systems like speakers, antennas, wireless cameras, satellite-communication–goods, transmitters, decoders-encoders, receivers, cellular systems, microwave point to point. These products are generally required by the sports, news channels, military organizations, municipal, and state and law agencies.

Their job extends to even setting up, integrating, and servicing of the gadgets timely. Getting clear visuals even at the most difficult terrains like deserts or in the ocean beds have become difficult for news channels and defense people. Their products reach the extreme points on the earth and can give excellent videos or images for entertainment and safety purposes.

NASDAQ: VISL at was previously known as xG Technology, Inc. However in 2019, the name changed to Vislink Technologies. Vislink Technologies and Movicom have recently teamed up to bring innovation in the field of viewing and broadcasting of the Champions Hockey League. Together they made a Refcam or a small camera that can be mounted on the match referee’s helmet. This will provide the spectators with more real and better images on the hockey pitch.

A proud moment again for the company came when Race Tech (firm providing technical appliances especially for horse race broadcasting) subscribed to their RF cameras and remote Camera Control Systems. These gadgets helped them to provide clear and flawless live images during the exciting horse racing. The Italian Integrator NVP has preferred Vislink technologies to provide a better and cutting-edge live coverage of the European Ferrari Challenge Race Series.

The safety and security of the country is a topmost duty of the military personnel. The communication and technical system for video coverage is above par in the world. The firm has bagged a prestigious deal of 1.3 million dollars from a European country to provide sound and advanced technical gadgets for its border safety and surveillance. US army forces are the most powerful in the world. Vislink Technologies has completed the proposal of providing video and broadcasting gear to the united states defense forces worth 2.8 million dollars( January 2020).

VISL is a pioneer in the field of creating and marketing high-end surveillance and video gadgets for broadcasting and entertainment purposes. In November 2019, it was chosen to design and provide an automatic aircraft system supported by MicroLite 3 high definition wireless video broadcaster. The Southern Californian law Enforcement agency will be using it for surveillance and safety operations spread across the country.  You can do stock trading from stock apps with day trading options. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.