How to Live It Up On A Small Budget

Sports motorcycle on the shore at summer sunset

Whether it be a few weeks after payday, because you’ve had to drop some cash on debt repayments or because you’ve copped too many bills at once, sometimes you have to stretch your budget out as much as possible. Having to allocate all your funds to the important – albeit boring – stuff is necessary, but not having the spare cash to do nice things for yourself as well can mean that your mental health suffers, especially if you can’t do nice things for an extended period. In this article, we take a look at a few ways you can do nice things even when on a small budget.

Invite friends over for a fun, cheap time!

If you think getting bad credit car loans in Sydney means the end of personal luxuries, think again – there are quite a few ways you can still enjoy socialising and having fun even when you’re broke for the next few weeks. If you’re missing your friends but are afraid of what a night out might cost, why not instead have a potluck dinner? A potluck involves everyone preparing a dish and bringing it on the night, and then everyone is able to share and be merry and see where everyone’s skills lie in the kitchen! If you’re looking to make the dinner even more fun and interesting, investing in a small game (or getting someone else to bring theirs) can mean hours of fun for very little money. If you’re fretting about the cost of the game, though, remember that the $20 or $30 you spend will result in dozens of nights of good times (which makes it a pretty fantastic investment in our opinion).

Make the most of the outdoors

Going outside and making the most of nature can provide you with a  huge mental health boost, and you often won’t have to spend much at all. Rather than meeting a friend for lunch or dinner, why not take a picnic to a park? Here you can spend a few dollars on tasty snack food and an affordable bottle of wine if you feel like having some tipple, making it feel like a luxurious outing even if the cost is small. If you feel like engaging with an activity, going to the beach during summer is a fantastic and free way to do either go for a big swim (great for mental health and exercise) or just to bask in the sunshine and read a book. Lastly, if you think you have to do something to do something luxurious, you couldn’t be more mistaken – sometimes just unplugging from the hustle and bustle and reading a book, taking a long bike ride or just taking a leisurely walk can leave you feeling more invigorated than you thought possible.

It’s not difficult to have a good time with little money

Although you might associate money with good times, it’s our hope that this list will help you see that tons of fun is possible with little financial investment. Even when you do have more disposable income than usual, considering more wallet friendly options can help you save a lot of money in the long-term and still give you most of the great social options you’re used to – it’s really a win-win!