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How Long Has It Taken You To Earn What You Earn?

One of the most common questions from people who want to make money online is “How long does it take to earn money” Or “how long does it take to go fulltime online?” Personally it too me several months. It actually too me close to a year before I actually got a handle on what I was doing and two years is when I really was making money online. You may think that two years is a long time right? Wrong completly wrong.


Lets just say that you are working at a job for ten years making 60k. Well it has taken you a full 10 years to get to 60k. Also if you work for another 10 you might even reach 70k or even 80k. Big deal. Thats 10 years of your life.

What if you took one year and invested in yourself with an online business what do you think you could accomplish? I would say if you worked at it consistently you could accomplish big things. What if you spent four years working for yourself online instead of going to school? Keep in mind that when you do get out of school that degree might be useless. So the next time you ask someone how long it took think of your own situation and how long it took. If you are 40 and making 40k a year you have spent 40 years of your life making 40k a year.


Why not take sometime for yourself and see what you can accomplish in 6 months a year or 5 years. Working for yourself can be done.

I have to be honest with you though working for yourself can be tough. You will need to have a very very stong desire to succeed and you ned to have patience. There where many times where I wanted to give up because I wasn’t seeing any progress. But then becuse I was consistent with it everyday I started seeing results. Once I started seeing results I knew that making money online and owning my own business was possible. Also having the right training helps too.