Exhibition stands for an outstanding event

An interactive visitor center, sensory exhibitions or a world of very distant experiences? A good company makes expressive the designs of agencies, architects, set designers and exhibition designers – from individual showcases for impressive works to a complete exhibition.

With the knowledge and excellent planning a good company develops the modular basic elements that are found in different variations and coatings in the concept of the exhibition. A good company provides modular constructions in changing or itinerant exhibitions to guarantee the greatest flexibility and saving time and costs.

Your exhibition deserves the highest quality

At TGP, accuracy, respect for deadlines and efficient use of materials is evident. Their own production departments for metal, wood and carpentry construction work have proved to be a great advantage. They are a great support in the planning and construction of models. They develop special solutions, such as for sculptures or artistic constructions. And they are responsible for carrying out their ideas with quality.

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With an excellent design exhibition it will awaken visitors’ interest in themes, works or ideas. help you with their technical knowledge to transmit the message and stories, and to offer visitors an experience and entertainment at the highest level. A good company realizes your exhibition concept in a lasting journey full of discoveries. A good company continues to develop your ideas to achieve, for example, effective furniture for the exhibition or an interactive exhibition.

Their specialists not only understand plans and constructions, but are also familiar with all phases of the project. They can begin by coordinating the interests of foundations, exhibition curators, public sector agents, museum management, set designers and patrons or planning all the signage, guides for visitors and graphics. And this work does not end with the opening of the exhibition, but the scope of the agreed supply also includes maintenance and assistance during the exhibition.


The conception of brand presentations is especially demanding if the brand is repeated and used in different exhibitions and surfaces. A good company like TGP designs in a modular way both the support structure or substructure, as well as the floors, walls, ceilings and other structures. Thus the individual modules of the stand adapt with flexibility to the circumstances and to the concept of the exhibition of each place, and transmit a clear and forceful message in any size and assembly. It will convince you to visualize the conceptual idea thanks to the versatility and flexibility of the modular stands. The specialists of our own production plants prepare the components, as well as the furniture, exhibitions and display cabinets with speed, quality and maximum precision. According to your requirements and with exclusive materials.