Examples of video conferencing software for your business conference

Choosing video conferencing software is quite difficult. There are lots of solutions available in the market; every solution has its own set of features and advantages. Below are some examples of video Conference software that can help you to choose the best suited software for your business.

  • GoToMeeting –

A flexible and Easy to Use web conferencing software, GoToMeeting is loaded with international features so; it is very useful for the business that involves foreign operations. It has a capability to integrate with different applications like Podio, Slack and Microsoft Office 365 etc. It is built for more than just average video conference. With no doubts it can serve a good communication, however with development in technologies there are many alternatives to gotomeeting which are more reliable.

  • Skype –

Skype is one of the mostly used software; it offers international calls, video calls and also instant messaging. It also includes functionalities such as image sharing and document sharing which foster the collaboration. The best thing about it is that it has great security, top-line authentication and encryption technology. Skype’s basic software is free of cost, however if you need higher version including more functionalities, then you need to pay for the plan. There are different plans offering at different cost, you can choose your plan according to your functional requirements.

  • Zoom –

If you Business include training programs, then Zoom can be a good solution for your business conference. Zoom offers hosting of 100 participants including 10,000 viewers. It is cloud-based software with combination of online meeting and video conferencing. Zoom is capable of providing a quality audio, video and screen sharing features. The basic version of Zoom is free and has different plans starting from $14.99/month. You can find much similar zoom alternative software in the market.

  • Google Hangouts –

It offers communications like voice calls, texting and video chatting; it is very productive tool and is integrated into Google+ and in Gmail. The tool offers communications for general corporate use and has mobile applications for platforms like iOS and Android. The application has been perceived as a tool for individual communication, so for additional functionalities you may find hangouts alternative.

These were some examples of video conferencing software. Every business has their own requirements so it is important to choose the software that can best useful and productive for your business.