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Choosing the Right Utilities for CRM Systems

The management of people and companies that revolve around the company is shared in a single database and offers a 360 ° vision. With the best crm systems this is essential now.


Access to information on the needs of customers or prospects is facilitated. Centralized data allows for better collaboration between sales teams, marketing and customer service. The offers offered to the customer are personalized and consistent. Here you can read the strength quotes here.

Sales stage and follow-up of opportunities

The Pipeline View of Direct Sales Steps and Opportunity Tracking keeps control of a complex process.


This feature gives you reliable visibility of sales and development potential. You identify and qualify the business from the track to the signature. You qualify the key steps in the sales process and have a snapshot of the actions to take. The management of the sales teams and the company is facilitated. The use for the best sales crm software comes essential now.

Track interactions (follow up, notes, email, calls)

Interactions are collected and measured to optimize the tracking of your customers and prospects and react accordingly.


Tracking interactions with prospecting and keeping history is an advantage in long-cycle sales. Thanks to good visibility of the project context, you choose wisely the right action to take. By intervening at the right time with the most relevant answer, your action plan is consistent in closing the sale.

Daily dashboard and accurate reporting

All the key figures of your direct sales are collected to better guide you in the choices to be made and the decisions to be made.


The dashboard helps with decision making on a daily basis, while reporting allows you to have an overview of your sales and check the performance of your sales teams. Their joint use enables efficient sales management and offers quality monitoring. You remain alert on the activity while being vigilant, in the longer term, on the pursuit of objectives.

Partner Portal

The partner portals help to create a common intercompany ecosystem (company and partners) to manage the relationship, share knowledge and engage the partner. The use for the crm platforms comes useful here now.


The partner portal has a real competitive advantage that facilitates recruitment. By simplifying the daily lives of your business contributors, resellers, integrators, it boosts their productivity and increases their commitment to your brand.

Declaration of deals

  • Facilitates the declaration of opportunities for your partners and their follow-up until the sale.


Conflicts between Sales and partners but also between your partners are avoided. Another case: when you distribute the same lead between several partners – to maximize your chances of closer – you immediately know who has the ownership. Result: you increase your sales ratio.

Lead distribution

This feature allows you to better distribute leads by choosing the partners with whom you will have a better chance of closing the business.


With qualified lead distribution, your partners become an extension of your Sales. Result: you generate additional sales.

Sharing content with cobranding

Your partners always have access to an approved content library published by you. On all of your corporate documents, you have the option to automatically add your partner’s logo.


Your partners have access to reliable documentation tools and consistent data to make sales easier. The combination of your two brands strengthens the synergy and ensures the legitimacy of your partners with end customers. This is areal plus to improve engagement. Go to their website now.