Benefits Of Using PPSR

It is after much thought that you must have made the decision to buy a used car at. Cars don’t come cheap. Whether it is a new one or a used one, it costs a lot of money which you cannot afford to lose. To protect your money, you should ensure that you have complete details about the car.

What Should You Know?

Before you buy a used car, you should know that if you are buying from the owner directly the deal is private and there is no third person involved in it. This means that if there is a loss suffered in this transaction it is your loss for which there is no protection. It makes it very important that you know for sure that the car is worth the money you pay. You can know about the condition of the car from getting it checked. There are certain other things you need to find out.

You should know whether there is any unpaid debt on the car. If the car has been kept as collateral and the loan has not been paid, then you should know about it. If the money is not paid the lender can take the car from you.

You should also know whether the car really belongs to the person you are buying from or it is a stolen vehicle. There are vehicles which have been written off. They are not roadworthy. If you buy them you cannot use them anyway. You should know this information too. To find out all this you can Buy an Easy REVS Check in Queensland if you are purchasing the car from there.

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Using The PPSR

For information about financial burden, stolen vehicles or written off vehicles you can find the details from PPSR. PPSR stands for Personal Property Securities Act. This will give all the details about the car which you want to buy. You can make a search using the VIN, chassis number or Manufacturer’s number. Once you feed the information, all the details you want will be yours for a small fee.

If anyone has lent money keeping the car as collateral, this information will be available on the PPSR certificate if it remains unpaid.

PPSR also gets information from the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System which will give you the details of whether the vehicle is stolen or written off. It will also give you all the details about the car which you can use to cross-check with the details given by the seller.

When To Do the PPSR?

The PPSR check, or the REVS Check QLD, as it was known earlier, should be done on the day or one day before you buy the car. If you do the check and allow a few days to pass, the vehicle could be kept as security for a loan and you will not know it. The PPSR information you get should be the latest possible so that you are sure what you are buying is really worth the money you pay.