A Comparison of Contentmart vs Writeraccess

Article writing services were mainly set up to help people who have writing needs.In light of this, you will agree and support the fact that instead of worrying about great content, as an online business owner, you have the option of seeking experienced professionals to do the writing job for you at a fixed fee. Taking into consideration the fact that there are several article writing services, below is A Comparison of Contentmart vs Writeraccess.

Introduction to Writeraccess

It is an online based article writing service which offers content creation services to clients based in the united states alone as well as endorsed writers. It has since proven to be such a reliable platform for anyone interested in reliable writers who are proficient in native English language.

Types of services offered and overview of the working process

The platform (writeracess) offers four main services namely:

  1. The friendly freebie
  2. The Do It Yourself
  • Plus
  1. The Enterprise

You will be glad to learn that without any deposits, the friendly service would allow you to explore a variety of options. As far as the working process is concerned, in order to place an order for content, you simply need to create an account quick, giving the require deposit into escrow and proceeding to identify writers on the platform who match your content requirements. When placing a content order, you get to choose from between three order forms: standard, crowd and premium. Take note, there is no concept of direct order, good news is, you also have the option to add your favorite writer to the love lists for future reference so that when you are placing an order you can choose from the list. In addition to the above, prices are usually calculated as per the word count and writer level and most importantly the article copyright is fully yours.

Introduction to contentmart

Contentmart is by far one of the most reliable platform particularly for authors, copywriters as well as clients. It is different from the other article writing services in the sense that it has a categorical presentation of a list of writers as well as clients in an easy an extremely interactive interface which makes it very easy to find and place orders for work. Simply put, contentmart serves as a platform that is solely dedicated towards the creation of quality content for online business people. Trust the platform to link you to serious individual authors as well as editors.

Types of services offered and overview of the working process

As far as working on the platform is concerned, writers are served in more or less the same capacity as clients. A onetime registration however is required upon which the account is activated. Once the account is up and running, writers are free to place bids for orders which meet their interests. You will be glad to learn that the bidding process is absolutely free. The platform also runs an affiliate program that qualifies you for as much as 10% of the referral’s income for a year. As a client interested in article writing services, expect that taking advantage of the platform’s provisions will take away the pain of hunting for writers owing to the fact that the client is free to specify their project requirements and get hold of the most qualified writer.

Final thoughts

Judging from the above details about a comparison of contentmart and writeraccess, it is safe to conclude that with slightly more than 48 thousand writers and 56 thousand clients, contentmart promises to take content writing to the next level.