9 Steps to Import Cars from the US to Canada

This guide below will help you understand the procedure and step-by-step instructions you must follow to import your car to Canada from the US. There are mainly 9 steps that you need to keep in mind. Let us discuss them.

  • Make Sure Your Car Is Admissible in Canada

To know whether your car is admissible in Canada or not, you must contact the RIV. The RIV is the Registrar of Imported Vehicles and your car must comply with all the rules and regulations set by the safety standards of Canada.

  • Stay Aware of the Conditions

The cars with US title are permitted if they have been titled in US and an export worksheet is required to prove this. Cars, which are more than fifteen years old from the manufacturing date, are also allowed. And for this, no export worksheet of US is required.

  • Documents Required for Clearance

Some of the important documents that should be carried by you are as follows:

  • Statement of origin and original title
  • Sale bill of the car
  • Clearance letter
  • Choose the Right Agency for Your Car Import

This is the most essential step. You would want your car to reach Canada safely and for this you must choose the most credible agency. Clearit customs consulting can help you access the most efficient and easy import of your car.

  • File an AES Before 72 hours from the Export Time

AES is the Automated Export System, which has to be filed before 72 hours from the time of the export of your car. After the completion of the AES, an ITN number will be issued and this must be attached to the request given to the US Customs and Border Protection. 

  • Submit Your Documents to the US Customs and Border Protection

Submit all the required documents of the car to the US Custom and Border Protection 72 hours prior to the export of your car.

  • Submit Your Documents to the Canada Border Officials Once Your Vehicle Has Been Imported

After your car has been imported to Canada, the officials of the Canada Border will verify all your documents.

  • Pay the Registration Fee

After the document verification, pay the registration fee to RIV. This fee is regulated from time to time.  

  • Complete the Inspection and Registration of the Car

With all the required documents, get your car inspected to ensure that it is in accordance with all the safety parameters of Canada and get your car registration done within 45 days from the date of import.