5 Types of ID Card Printer Ribbons

ID cards are most significant cards that bring your workers more security.   Using the ID card printer is a fast and effective way to print the best kind of ID cards. To get quality printing results and to increase the life of the printer, you need to do few things.

Purchasing a quality ID card printer ribbons is the right way to get superior-quality printing results. It is helpful to ensure a ribbon a compatible with the selected card printer.  You can choose the printer ribbon according to your printing requirements and needs.

These kinds of ribbons come in either full color or monochrome color. The monochrome ribbon is ideal for people who want to print in one color like black. If the printing design contains more colors, you can prefer the full-color ribbon. Additionally, you can also choose the right kind of badge clips to the ID cards. If you desire to know about various kinds of printer ribbons, you can read this post properly.

  1. Specialty Ribbons
  • Fluorescent or UV ribbon

They are used for adding text or images to your ID cards. Most significantly, these kinds of texts or images are only visible under the UV light.  This kind of printing process is used for verifying the authenticity of the ID cards.  Most of the safe ID cards like government-issued ID cards consist of UV designs.

  • Scratch Off Ribbon

If you desire to use this kind of ribbon, you can print the selected design on the ID card before printing this scratch-off section. Many gifts and pre-paid mobile cards use these scratch-off panels for hiding the PIN of the card.

  • Signature Panel Ribbon

It is used when the design of your card includes the worker’s signature. The signature panel facility adds to the visual security of your card.

  1. Standard Ribbons
  • Half-panel

It has common YMCKO panels to print in the full color.  You can use this half-panel ribbon to print the cards which only have text or color on the half of your card.


It is a standard complete color ribbon used for double-sided printing.   You can use it for the cards with cardholder image or company logo on its front, and details of the cardholder.


It is ideal for single-sided card printing.  It will print pictures in full text and color in black.

  1. Laminating printers or reverse transfer printer ribbons
  • YMCK

It is used for printing single-sided cards in full color with black images or text with the reverse transfer card printers.

  • YMC

It is a standard reverse transfer ribbon which is ideal for printing single-sided cards in full color without black images or text with the reverse transfer printers.


It is used for print single-sided cards in full color in black images or text.


The YMCKK is ideal for creating cards by using full color as well as black color front and black on its backside. It let the printed cards look beautiful with the badge clips.

  1. Monochrome Ribbons
  • Colored Monochrome

Accessible in an array of colors that range from blue and red to metallic silver or gold. It can print one color, so you can use to print text and logos which never needs other shading or colors.

  • BO, KO

You can choose the ribbon based on the overall purpose of your cards.   You can prefer BO ribbons to print the barcodes. The KO ribbons are ideal for printing the text.

  1. Reverse Transfer Laminates and Films
  • Laminate

You can use it with your printer with laminating module. The protects your cards from everyday tear and wear. Additionally, it makes the ID cards durable than the standard ID cards.

  • Transfer Film

The reverse transfer printing device prints the card design onto an extremely clear film. It is one of the best techniques to get an enhanced level of accurate details as well as HD quality with the designs.

  • Holographic

These kinds of ribbons apply the holographic pattern or design to the ID cards. Additionally, they work effectively with both transfer film and laminate.  It makes the process simpler to identify original ID cards. It is a specialized feature that makes it ideal for the place where a secure card is required.

Selecting the right ID card printer ribbon is not a daunting task now because this post makes the task much simpler but after printing the ID card, it is necessary to hold properly so regarding this badge clips play an important role.  The proper selection helps you to bring more security to your valuable staffs in the form of ID cards.