4 Effective Ways to Make Your Tradeshow Booth Buzz

Do you know of the best ways to increase the amount of buzz surrounding your tradeshow booth? Unfortunately, most exhibitors are in the dark when it comes to developing the kinds of activities that will make people flock to their booths. The few who have mastered the art of buzz creation in tradeshow booths have been experiencing tremendous success.

Here are the most effective approaches you can use to create a beehive’s worth of activities around your exhibition booth:

Exploit the power of giveaways

People love free stuff and will always flock to your stand when they realize you have something free to give them. But for you to make this approach more effective and profitable, you should find a way to make them commit before they get the free stuff. Ensure that they complete a short survey or provide you with their contact information before they can walk away with the giveaway.

Make your booth interactive

Think about making your booth interactive so that visitors will feel engaged at all times. Think of stuff such as a virtual reality station or a hands-on demo of your products or services. In this manner, you will attract the right audience, and get the engagement you so desire regarding your booth.


This may be a bit pricey, but if you can afford it, having a celebrity at your booth will instantly attract the masses and create a lot of buzz. You can also use a number of second tier celebs or influencers that are known within your industry to attract more people to your booth.

In-booth demos

Visitors to your stand are always eager to know more information about your products and services, and they will always appreciate it if they can see the product or service in action. There is no better way to do this than to have an in-booth demo at your stand.