4 Bizarre Facts You Never Knew About Shoes 

We all love shoes so much that we can never pass up a shoe sale, especially if the ladies find exquisite shoes for women at a sale. From nude wedges to pumps, the choices are endless. Shoes signify one’s personality and it’s something that can make or break a person’s looks.In this article, let us learn some bizarre facts about shoes. Get to know certain bizarre facts about different types of shoes.

The First People to Wear Heels Were Men

During the 10th century, men who rode horses needed their boots to have heels in order to stay in their loops and we sometimes would have wondered why a cowboy boots would have heels. Moreover, owning horses was a sign of wealth.Heels became a signifier of upper classes and high social status.Image result for 4 Bizarre Facts You Never Knew About Shoes

Greek Actors Use Platform Shoes to Signify Status

The ancient Greeks used to do stage plays and their costumes were important for the audiences to identify their roles. The actors would wear shoes called buskins or platform shoes to signify their authority over the comic actors, who would wear plain socks.

Sneakers Got Their Label Because Their Rubber Soles Did Not Make Sound

During 1800s people started using the word sneakers as they had rubber soles in it, which enabled people to sneak or walk around without making a noise.

Shoe Sizes Began with Barleycorn

Britain found the first means to measure shoe size. In the early 1300s,King Edward II confirmed barleycorn as the basis for shoe measurement. He governed that the length of three barleycorns is equivalent to one inch, making this the standard for sizing.

Now did you ever know these weird but true facts about shoes?