3 Things You Shouldn’t Do At The Airport

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Figure out this scenario; you have booked your next flight, and you are on your way to the airport. You’re happy and excited, and you can’t remember anything else. Everything seems okay until you get to the airport and something goes wrong. You have just done something that you aren’t expected to do in an airport, and now you are in a big mess and you need airport runway debris removal.

You’ll spend a lot of your time stuck in that security room trying to explain to the security agents what happened. This is the primary reason why you need to acquaint yourself with the basic airport rules before you head there. A minor mistake such as dropping dirt on the runway can land you in big trouble.

You need to remember the fact that the airport management has invested a lot of money in airport runway debris removal and furthermore, such a thing could cause a serious accident. Here are some of the things that you shouldn’t do at the airport.

Don’t Joke with the Word Bomb

This is probably the first and the most important thing that you need to understand before you head to the airport. Safety of every passenger is the number one priority of the airport security agents, and they won’t take such jokes lightly. Joking with words such as bomb will get you kicked off the airplane much faster than you can pronounce the word itself.

No one at the airport wants to hear that nasty word, not even the bomb experts! Not only will you deeply regret saying the word but you will also attract unnecessary attention and nobody knows where you may be taken!

Don’t Try to Hide Something that Shouldn’t Be on the Plane

Some people have come up with intelligent ways of hiding things that shouldn’t be on a plane but guess what? It’s almost impossible to beat the security mechanism and agents at the airport. Such craftiness will only lead to fines and even an arrest. If you don’t know what to pack or what not to pack, consult a friend, relative, or call the airport but don’t try anything stupid. A common question among travelers is whether they can bring along food.

Most airports will allow you to pack solid food, but the airport security agents must inspect it. You also need to be careful with your food and how you dispose of the leftovers. Littering the runway is a big crime since a lot of money is spent on airport runway debris removal, and the dirt on the runway can also pose a significant risk.

Don’t Bring Your Gun

If you are wondering whether or not you can pack your personal and authorized gun, the answer is no. Typically, no weapon is allowed on the airplane. If you think you are smart and you go ahead to pack a gun, be sure that it shall be confiscated at the security checkpoint and could land you in trouble. Remember the fact that ignorance is no defense, so don’t think that you’ll be forgiven because you didn’t know that it isn’t allowed.